Kia Motors: Win a trip to Seoul


Are you a true KIA Advocate? Tell why you love your KIA vehicle and get a chance to win a special trip to South Korea, complete with airfare and lodging, to visit KIA’s official headquarters!

Promo Period: July 28-August 29, 2014

To qualify for the program, you need to be the registered owner of at least one KIA vehicle, and one or more of the following:

  • An active fan of their social media channels
  • A participant in a KIA-authorized service workshop
  • Availed of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance service through a KIA workshop
  • Recommended KIA through a blog or social media channel
  • A participant in the Customer Idea Contest

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4 Responses to Kia Motors: Win a trip to Seoul

  1. ARTURO B. PLAZO says:

    I have been a KIA owner since 1992 after i purchased a KIA CD 5 Model through a friend who was then a KIA Sales representative by way of a “rainy day” promo. It was my first car i bought with my own money so i was extra careful in selecting the CD 5 in favor of the tested and trusted Japanese cars. I drove it out of the dealership when there was a heavy downpour and i was able to reach home with my KIA barring waist deep flooded highway leading to my subdivision. For six (6) long years my KIA CD 5 served me, my family faithfully with very minimal repairs and fuel economy. As reward, I bought a KIA Picanto, a younger KIA brother car of similar built, as his replacement before somebody bought him from me.

  2. abraham abesamis says:

    I like my soul for unlike other cars which is maintained every 5K kilometers it is serviced every 7.5k kilometers yet it is performing very well as i have not experienced any breakdown for the last two years.

  3. lycia d. marzan says:

    I love my kia rio white in color because of its spacious interior design specially the backseat where I can always stretch my legs for comfort

    “Kia Rio” my “Crown of Style”

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