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Globe Grab a Gold Problems

We have received a couple of complaints against the Globe Grab a Gold Promo. You can posts your problems/issues with the promo at the comments section below. Please explain your issue in detail as much as possible and we will try to contact a Globe representative to answer your concerns.

But you can try to contact Globe Support first, using this link – or email

Here are some of the issues with the promo:

Issue No. 1 – The end of the Grab a Gold Promo is not stated anywhere in the site, does this mean it will only end when all prizes have been won already? This may take years if that is the case since the Mini Cooper will take 145,600 Gold to unlock and I assume many spins to actually win it.

Issue No. 2 – There is no contact us / email address or any type of support in the site

Issue No. 3 – There are many customers who already had a successful referral but did not get any Load or GCash (Only 100 Gold was received)

Issue No. 4 – There is no DTI Number for this promo, since Globe/TM subscribers are required to subscribe to their service, I believe they should have a DTI Permit Number.

The companies that handle this promo for Globe are Digital Storm Inc. and Xurpas, does anyone know someone who works for these companies who can shed light on these issues?

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