Caltex New Year Promo


Fuel up at Caltex for a chance to win instant prizes and cool Apple gadgets in the raffle draw!

Promo Period: January 15-March 15, 2013


Instant Prize:

StarCash worth Php 500, Smart mobile phone prepaid  card worth Php 100, 500mL Absolute bottled water, C2 bottled beverage  (smallest), Kettle Korn popcorn.

For Raffle Draw:

1 winner of an iPhone 5 16GB with Globe Prepaid simcard, 1 winner of an iPhone 4S 16GB with Globe Prepaid simcard, 6 winners of a new iPad Wi-Fi 32GB, 4 winners of an iPod Touch 32GB 5th Generation, 6 winners of an iPod Nano 16GB, 12 winners of Php  2,500 worth of StarCash, 20 winners of Caltex Toys (set of Caltex station, fleet cars and fuel tanker)

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