InstaGrahams Dessert Contest


Share the sweet love! Upload pics of your own M.Y. San Grahams desserts via the site, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags

#MYSanGrahams + #EasyLangYan

Full Mechanics:

The Participant can join by purchasing any pack of M.Y. San Grahams, making a dish with it, with the theme of “Easy Family Desserts” and upload it via the different means with the proper tags #EasyLangYan, (recipe name) #MYSanGraham.

  1. #MYSanGrahams Graham Pops #EasyLangYan

Photo must be an original shot by the participant. It should be clear and focused on the dessert

Photo can be post-processed, using external apps such as Instagram, Retrica, VSCO, Photoshop Etc. Post-process should be minimal, no photo manipulation allowed; adding different images, unnecessary and excessive editing, etc.

Photo must clearly see the use of M.Y. San Grahams.

Participant must be creative in plating the finished product.

Participants may send multiple unique entries, but can only win once for the whole promo duration.

The entries will be open for voting in the M.Y. San Grahams Website. Voting period will be announced in the site and MYSG Fanpage.

The top 3 winners will be determined after the voting period. The top 3 entries are determined by the criteria set by the company.

Visual/Aesthetic Appeal: 30%

(Plating/Quality of Product and Photo)

Overall Impact/Creativity: 30%

(Final creativity of final product)

Brand’s Choice: 30%

(Product Use Visibility)

Online Voting: 10%

(Public’s choice from the website)

Participants can submit entries for 6 weeks; September 8, 2014 – October 19, 2014. The next 2 weeks, October 20, 2014 – November 2, 2014, entries will be for up public voting. Judging, and selection of winners will follow shortly after.

The top 3 winners will receive Php 15,000 worth of SODEXO Gift Certificate each. Participants may have multiple entries, but can only win once for the whole promo duration. The notification of winners shall be announced on November 17, 2014; 2 weeks after the voting period. Organizers shall announce said winners via SMS, E-Mail, Facebook post, Website post and registered mail.

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