Gatorade NBA Promo

6 lucky winners will get a trip to the US to watch the 2011 NBA Draft. Join Now!

Promo period: May 1 to June 9, 2011

Grand Prizes – 6 Winners of a Ticket to the NBA Draft and a VIP Hospitality Package
Minor Prizes – 600 pcs of P5,000 Toby’s Gift Certificate

To Register:
Text GATORADE REG name/address/gender/age to 2966

To send an entry: (participant needs to buy specially marked Gatorade products)

Text GATORADE Code to 2966


View Gatorade Live the NBA Promo Mechanics

5 Responses to Gatorade NBA Promo

  1. hii..good morning..why..the is not accepting..20X i’ll send it but..they always reply..sorry..the code is invalid..pls double and send the 7 alpha..BUT THE CODE HAS 5 LETTERS AND TWO NUMBERS ONLY..WHAT I SHOULD I DO..??..IM LOAD..WAS..WASTE..TO TEXTING THE CODE..PLEASE HELP ME..:).. THE IS code:kw96ltt

  2. isagani says:

    tagal namang dumating ng price ng friend ko,hanggang ngayun wala pa,mahigit isang bwan na mula nung tumawag sila sa kanya na nanalo xia.provincial winner po xia.thanx.

  3. Anne Gayle Chan says:

    I got a call & i was asked to complete a winning code & informd me that i won a 5,000 worth of GC from Tobys. Im a provincial winner. How do i claim my prize. Where can i view the lists of winners? Thnx

  4. admin says:

    Anne, you can view the list of winners at the Gatorade Facebook Page –


  5. Jennifer says:

    hi …yesterday i bought a gatorade and i saw a sticker saying na may Promo all expenses paid etc. just text the promo code to 2600 ,pero na notice ko na its for 2013 this promo true?

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