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Greenwich Ultimate Idol Challenge


Sing your way to become the next Greenwich ULTIMATE IDOL and win a trip to HOLLYWOOD, USA to watch the AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 FINALE!

Your Assignment:

Sing your best or your fave song!

Fill out the form with your complete contact details. CLICK HERE

Upload your solo audition video that is not more than 3 minutes long.

Watch American IDOL and sing along to your favorite tunes while eating Greenwich Overloaded pizzas!


1st Place – Trip for 3 to HOLLYWOOD

2nd Place – Trip for 3 to HONGKONG

3rd Place – Trip for 3 to BORACAY

4th Place – Hotel accommodation in TAGAYTAY

6th Place – Hotel accommodation in BATANGAS

More info at https://www.facebook.com/GreenwichPizza

Greenwich Exclusive Rewards


Grab an awesome deal to kick off 2013! Enjoy exclusive rewards on your next dine-in and take out order from Greenwich with the Ultimate Greencard.

  1. Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza
  2. 10% Discount
  3. Save as Much as P100

More info at http://www.greenwich.com.ph